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Gregorian calendar 1129

Ab urbe condita 1882
Armenian calendar 578
Bahá'í calendar -715 – -714
Buddhist calendar 1673
Coptic calendar 845 – 846
Ethiopian calendar 1121 – 1122
Hebrew calendar 4889 4890
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1184 – 1185
 - Shaka Samvat 1051 – 1052
 - Kali Yuga 4230 – 4231
Holocene calendar 11129
Iranian calendar 507 – 508
Islamic calendar 523 – 524
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1789
Julian calendar 1174
Korean calendar 3462
Thai solar calendar 1672

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People of the year 1129 at Familypedia

8 people were born in 1129

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Knud V of Denmark (1129-1157)Magnus I of Sweden (c1106-1134)Ryksa of Poland (c1116-aft1156)
Hamon III de Massey (c1129-c1216)Hamon II de Massey (c1100-c1140)Eleanor de Beaumont (c1103-)
Hamelin de Warenne (c1129-1202)Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou and Maine (1113-1151)
Yaropolk Izyaslavich of Shumsk (c1129-1168)Izyaslav II Mstislavich of Kiev (c1097-1154)Agnes of the Holy Roman Empire (c1116-1151)
Robert de Massey (c1129-)Robert de Massey (c1102-aft1124)
Bouchard V de Montmorency (c1129-1189)Mathieu I de Montmorency (1100-1160)Alice FitzRoy (c1116-bef1141)
Elger I. von Honstein-Ilfeld (1129-1190)Aldeger von Ilfeld (1103-1158)Bertradis (1107-1184)
Elisabeth of Hungary (c1129-bef1155)Béla II of Hungary (c1110-1141)Helena of Raška (aft1109-aft1146)

4 children were born to the 1 women born in 1129

20 people died in 1129

 FatherMotherAge at death
Davyd Vseslavich of Polotsk (c1052-c1129)Vseslav Bryachislavich of Polotsk (c1039-1101)
Richard FitzPons (c1080-1129)Pons FitzPons (c1052-1086)
Clemence de Bourgogne (1078-1129)Guillaume I de Bourgogne (1020-1087)Etiennette (given name)51
William de Mandeville (-1129)Geoffrey de Mandeville (-c1085)Adeliza Unknown
Yaroslav Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (1074-1129)Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich of Kiev (1027-1076)Oda von Babenberg (c1040-c1087)
Bernard Aton IV Trencavel (1066-1129)Raymond-Bernard II Trencavel of Albi (1036-1074)Ermengarde de Carcassonne (c1036-c1100)
Guillem III de Forcalquier (c1080-1129)Ermengol IV of Urgell (1056-1092)Adélaïde de Provence (?-1129)
Hugues I d'Amboise (1055-1129)Sulpice I d'Amboise (1030-1074)Denise de Fougères (1030-1096)
Nigel d'Aubigny (1055-1129)Amice
Agnes of Blois (c1099-1129)Stephen II, Count of Blois (c1045-1102)Adela of Normandy (c1062-1138)
Ranulphe II de Briquessart (1052-1129)Ranulphe I de Briquessart (1023-1066)Alix of Normandy (1027-c1074)
Centule II de Bigorre (c1080-c1129)Centule V de Béarn (c1030-1090)Béatrix de Bigorre (c1038-1095)
Juhaël de Châteaubriand (1085-1129)Téhel I de Châteaubriand (1060-1122)Barbota
Béatrix de Montdidier (c1055-aft1129)Hilduin IV de Montdidier (c998-c1063)Alix de Roucy (c1010-1063)
Adélaïde de Provence (?-1129)Guillaume V Bertrand de Provence (?-1065)Adélaïde de Cavenez (?-?)
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970 people lived in 1129

Belyuk Khan (c1120-c1170)
Davyd Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1105-c1170)Svyatoslav Vseslavich of Vitebsk (c1065-c1130)Sofiya Vladimirovna (c1078-c1140)
Davyd Vseslavich of Polotsk (c1052-c1129)Vseslav Bryachislavich of Polotsk (c1039-1101)
Evpraksiya Mstislavna of Kiev (c1102-c1135)Mstislav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (1076-1132)Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden (c1080-1122)
Ivan Rostislavich Berladnik (c1110-1162)Rostislav Volodarevich of Peremyshl (c1090-1128)
Konchak Khan (c1120-c1203)Atrak Khan (c1075-1125)
Maritsa Vladimirovna (c1085-1146)Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125)Gytha of Wessex (1053-1098)
Mariya Vasilkovna of Polotsk (c1125-c1180)Vasilko Svyatoslavich of Polotsk (c1095-1144)
Unnamed daughter of Svyatoslav Davydovich (c1103-c1160)Svyatoslav Davydovich of Chernigov (c1080-1143)Anna Svyatopolkovna of Kiev (c1082-1136)
Daughter of Volodar Rostislavich (c1100-c1150)Volodar Rostislavich of Peremyshl (1065-1124)
Sevench Bonyakovich (c1110-1151)Bonyak (c1076-c1167)
Sofiya Vladimirovna (c1078-c1140)Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125)Gytha of Wessex (1053-1098)
Vasilko Leonovich (c1105-1135)Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II (c1070-1116)Maritsa Vladimirovna (c1085-1146)
Volodar Glebovich of Gorodets (c1195-1167)Gleb Vseslavich of Minsk (c1055-1119)
Vyacheslav Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1100-c1170)Svyatoslav Vseslavich of Vitebsk (c1065-c1130)Sofiya Vladimirovna (c1078-c1140)
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Events of the year 1129 at Familypedia

11 people were married in 1129.

 Joined with
Mathilde von Bayern (c1121-c1168)Diepold IV. von Vohburg (c1105-1128) + Gebhard III. von Sulzbach (c1114-1188)
Fulk I of Jerusalem (c1090-1143)Ermengarde of Maine (-1126)+Mélisende of Jerusalem (1105-1161)
Clémence d'Oisy (1110-1164)Guillaume I de Béthune (1095-1144)
Renaud de Clermont (c1075-c1152)Adelaide de Vermandois (1064-1120)+Clémence de Bar (c1125-aft1183)
Guillaume of Aumelas (c1110-c1156)Thiburge of Orange (c1100-c1147)
Guillaume VI de Montpellier (1102-1171)Sibilla del Vasto (1105-1149)
Mélisende of Jerusalem (1105-1161)Fulk I of Jerusalem (c1090-1143)
Sibilla del Vasto (1105-1149)Guillaume VI de Montpellier (1102-1171)
Thiburge of Orange (c1100-c1147)Giraud Adhémar de Monteil + Guillaume of Aumelas (c1110-c1156)
Gebhard III. von Sulzbach (c1114-1188)Mathilde von Bayern (c1121-c1168)
Béla II of Hungary (c1110-1141)Helena of Raška (aft1109-aft1146)

There were 0 military battles in 1129.

0.0082474226804124 4 0.020618556701031

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