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Gregorian calendar 1013

Ab urbe condita 1766
Armenian calendar 462
Bahá'í calendar -831 – -830
Buddhist calendar 1557
Coptic calendar 729 – 730
Ethiopian calendar 1005 – 1006
Hebrew calendar 4773 4774
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1068 – 1069
 - Shaka Samvat 935 – 936
 - Kali Yuga 4114 – 4115
Holocene calendar 11013
Iranian calendar 391 – 392
Islamic calendar 403 – 404
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1673
Julian calendar 1058
Korean calendar 3346
Thai solar calendar 1556

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People of the year 1013 at Familypedia

5 people were born in 1013

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Odo Capet (c1013-1056)Robert II of France (972-1031)Constance of Arles (986-1034)
Richeza of Poland (1013-1075)Mieszko II Lambert of Poland (c990-1034)Richeza von Lothringen (c994-1063)
Suhard II de Craon (1013-1086)Suhard de Craon (982-1038)
Unknown de Nice (1013-c1060)Laugier de Vence (980-1032)Odile de Provence (c976-c1032)
Geoffroy I de Provence (1013-1061)Guillaume II de Provence (987-1019)Gerberga de Bourgogne (c985-c1025)

4 children were born to the 2 women born in 1013

6 people died in 1013

 FatherMotherAge at death
Hedwig Capet (c969-1013)Hugh Capet (c940-996)Adelaide of Aquitaine (c945-1004)
Vysheslav Vladimirovich of Novgorod (c977-c1013)Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015)Olava (c960-c995)
Senegonde de Beziers (?-aft1013)Guillaume II de Beziers (?-aft993)Arsinde de Carcassonne (?-aft993)
Regnier IV de Mons (c947-1013)Regnier III de Hainaut (c920-973)Adela de Louvain (c929-961)
Mainard de Sens (981-1013)Fromont II de Sens (960-1012)Gerberge de Roucy (960-?)
Ernst VI. von Dollnstein (c965-c1013)Ernst V. von Dollnstein (?-c1007)Bilefrid von Bayern (c945-c1010)

449 people lived in 1013

Konstantin Dobrynich (c965-1022)Dobrynya (c945-c995)
Malusha (940-1020)Malk Lyubchanin
Mstislava Vladimirovna (c986-c1030)Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015)Rogneda Rogvolodovna of Polotsk (962-1002)
Daughter of Bolesław I the Brave (995-1018)Bolesław I the Brave (967-1025)Emnilda
Ostromir Konstantinovich (c995-1057)Konstantin Dobrynich (c965-1022)
Pozvizd Vladimirovich (c985-c1030)Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015)
Predslava Vladimirovna (c983-c1025)Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015)Rogneda Rogvolodovna of Polotsk (962-1002)
Premyslava Vladimirovna (c985-1015)Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015)Rogneda Rogvolodovna of Polotsk (962-1002)
Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad (984-1042)Ismail of Seville, Judge/Iman of Seville
Anleta of Scotland (986-c1033)Malcolm II of Scotland (c954-1034)
Malcolm II of Scotland (c954-1034)Kenneth II of Scotland (bef954-995)Unknown of Leinster (c930-)
Adalbert I Arbald (986-1041)Rostaing Arbald (965-1023)Dame de Roussillon (965-?)
Rostaing Arbald (965-1023)Pons Arbald (930-?)Hermengarde of Arles (940-999)
Charles of Argouges (1000-c1047)Torf of Argouges (980-1020)Amicie d'Estouteville (975-?)
Torf of Argouges (980-1020)Bernard of Argouges (950-?)Catherine de Bricquebec (955-c1002)
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Events of the year 1013 at Familypedia

3 people were married in 1013.

 Joined with
Aldonza Ordóñez (c999-aft1032)Pelayo Fróilaz (?-c1048)
Hadwide de Florennes (c990-c1037)Hildrad I de Grandpré (c975-aft1040)
Dreux de Vexin (c995-1035)Godgifu of England (1004-c1047)

There were 0 military battles in 1013.

0.011135857461024 2 0.013363028953229

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