List of famous descendants for Early American Immigrant John Warren, The Immigrant 1585. See also Warenne Family Ancestry for his connection to early European royalty.

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  1. Genealogy of the Bigelow Family of America from the 1642 Marriage of John Biglo and Mary Warren to the Year 1890. - by Gilman Bigelow Howe (1850–1933) (1890) - Charles Hamilton Printers, Worcester, MA. 517pp.
  2. Report of the Bigelow Family Reunion, at Lincoln Park, Worcester, Mass. - by Gilman Bigelow Howe (1850–1933) (1887)- Bigelow Brothers Publishers, Buffalo, NY. 46pp.

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  1. Bigelow, Hiram (1829-1916) - Mormon pioneer opened settlements in Utah and Arizona. (Bother of Lucy below).
  2. Bigelow, Jabez (1736-1822) - ( EBigelow, JBigelow2, MWarren, JWarren) - Veteran of French & Indian War, 1775 Massachusetts Militia minuteman, veteran of revolutionary war, veteran of Benedict Arnold's betrayal at West Point.
  3. Bigelow, John (1675-1769) - ( SBigelow, MWarren, JWarren1) - taken captive 1705 during Queen Anne's War and held in Canada where he built the first sawmill there before his release.
  4. Bigelow, John, Capt (1715-1787) - ( JBigelow3, JBigelow2, MWarren, JWarren) - part of 1757 British Expedition for failed relief effort Fort William Henry (French & Indian Wars)
  5. Bigelow, John P, Mayor (1797-1872): ( KBigelow, TBigelow, TBigelow, DBigelow, JBigelow, MWarren2, JWarren1) - a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Secretary of State of Massachusetts, and most prominently as the twelfth mayor of Boston, Massachusetts from 1849 to 1851.
  6. Bigelow, Joshua (1655-1745) - (Grandson of JWarren1) - Wounded in battle during King Philip's War (1675).
  7. Bigelow, Katherine (1793-1860) (daughter of Timothy)- md Abbott Lawrence (1792-1855), a prominent American businessman, politician, and philanthropist. He founded Lawrence, Massachusetts.
  8. Bigelow, Lawson R (1819-1863) - Civil War Soldier - 85th NY Volunteers - ( LRBigelow, SBigelow, JBigelow, JBigelow, GBigelow, JBigelow, MWarren, JWarren)
  9. Bigelow, Loring, Cpl (1837-1862) - ( JBigelow, EKBigelow, JBigelow, EBigelow, JBigelow2, MWarren, JWarren) - US Civil War Casualty, 13th Mass Regt, mortally wounded at Battle of Antietam.
  10. Bigelow, Lucy (1830-1905) - ( NBigelow, SBigelow , JBigelow4, JBigelow3, JBigelow2, MWarren, JWarren) - devoted wife of Mormon Pioneer Brigham Young.
  11. Bigelow, Mary Jane (1827-1868) - wife of Mormon Pioneer Brigham Young, sister of Lucy above.
  12. Bigelow, Nahum - ( SBigelow , JBigelow4, JBigelow3, JBigelow2, MWarren, JWarren1) - western pioneer who in 1845 had his rural ranch house attacked twice by anti-mormon mobs.
  13. Bigelow, Simeon (1752-1837) - ( JBigelow4, JBigelow3, JBigelow2, MWarren, JWarren1) - veteran of American Revolutionary War.
  14. Bigelow, Timothy, Col. (1739-1790) ( DBigelow, JBigelow, MWarren2, JWarren1) - Revolutionary Patriot Hero of Worcester MA, Colonel of the 15th Massachusetts Regiment.
  15. Bigelow, Timothy (1767-1821) (Son of Col Timothy) - attorney and philanthropist.

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  1. Brigham, Asa (1788-1844) - ( LBrigham, EWarren, JWarren5, JWarren4, JWarren3, JWarren) - signer of Texas Declaration of Independence, Texas treasurer, Austin mayor
  2. Brigham, Robert Breck (1826-1900) - ( EBrigham, EFay, JFay4, HChild, JChild2, MWarren, DWarren, JWarren1) - wealthy philanthropist and principal benefactor of the Robert Breck Brigham Hospital of 1914, known today as part of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston MA.
  3. Brigham, Lewis (1756-1803) - (Father of Asa) - Revolutionary War Minuteman - Cptn William Brigham's Company.
  4. Brigham, Carl C (1890-1943) - ( CFBrigham, HABrigham, WPBrigham, JBrigham, EHarrington, DHarrington3, EWarren, JWarren2, JWarren1) - controversial pioneer of psychometrics, known for creating the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).
  5. Brigham, W.F., Cpl (1842-1864) - ( WPBrigham, JBrigham, EHarrington, DHarrington3, EWarren, JWarren2, JWarren1) - Civil War Veteran - 13th Massachusetts - Died of battle wounds from Siege of Petersburg.

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  • Garfield, James A. (1831-1881) - 20th President of the U.S. - AGarfield, TGarfield, SGarfield, TGarfield, MBigelow, SBigelow, MWarren, John Warren 1585) - 20th U. S. President, Maj. General with Civil War service as a Col., professor. He was a U. S. Representative, President Elect, and Senator Elect at the same time (Nov. 4-8, 1880). Garfield was shot July 2, 1881 by Charles J. GUITEAU, and died Sep. 19, 1881. He had married Lucretia RUDOLPH (1832-1918), 17th First Lady. (1880 Census @ Washington DC as Ohio Senator.)

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  • Carole Lombard (1908-1942) - EKnight, ACheney, AWillard, JWillard, JNWillard, SHastings, SFiske, MWarren, DWarren, JWarren - Film actress and comedienne, with roles in Man of the World (1931), No Man of Her Own (1932), and other, with nomination for an Oscar for her role in My Man Godfrey (1936). She was born as Jane Alice PETERS. Married first William POWELL, and second Clark GABLE.

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  • Lucy Stone (1818-1893) - FStone, FStone, EBigelow, DBigelow, MWarren, JWarren)- Woman-suffrage and legal rights advocate, founder and editor-in-chief- of The Woman's Journal (1870-1893), a leader of the first National Woman's Rights Convention (1850), and graduate of Oberlin College (1847). She and Notable Cousin Susan B. ANTHONY were descendants of David and Ursula STONE.

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  1. Calvin Ellis Stowe (1802-1886): ( HBigelow, WBigelow, JBigelow, TBigelow, SBigelow, MWarren, JWarren) - American Biblical scholar who helped spread public education in the United States, and the husband and literary agent of Harriet Beecher Stowe.

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  • Warren, Daniel, Jr (1653-1713) - (Grandson of John Warren) - Active in King Philip's War.
  • Warren, Daniel (1786-1862) - Founder of Warrensville, OH ( MWarrenII, MWarrenI, DWarren, JWarren, DWarren2, JWarren) - (Son of Revolutionary War veteran Moses Warren II) led a large part of the Warren family to settle a new town of Warrensville in Cuyahoga County, Ohio in the early 19th century. He is credited as the town founder. Warrensville was eventually incorporated in the city of Cleveland proper. Journals of early Mormon missionaries from nearby Kirtland OH, record a lot o5 activity in this town on their first visit in November 1830. Some of these Warren descendants joined the Mormons.
  • Warren, Moses (1760-1851) - American Revolution - ( MWarrenI, DWarren, JWarren, DWarren2, JWarren) - Revolutionary War Veteran, included in the group betrayed by Benedict Arnold at West Point.

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Several prominent members of the Warren Family participated in this battle in the early history of New England, an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants of present-day southern New England from 1675–1676. It was very costly in terms of lives and property.

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