There are some brahmins of DHARANAS Gotra ,Tri Pravar(Agastya,Datruvya and Idmavah), of Madhyandini Shakha of Shukla Yajurveda.I -Rajesh Dave, a Modh Trivedi brahmin from Halvad,dist. Surendranagar,Gujarat -am on of them.

Vellalars (also, Velalars, Vellalas) were, originally an elite caste of Tamil agricultural landlords in Tamil Nadu, Kerala states in India and in neighbouring Sri Lanka; they were the aristocracy of the ancient Tamil order (Chera/Chola/Pandya/Sangam era)[1] and had close relations with the different royal dynasties. Literary, archeological sources trace the origin of the Vellalars to a group of royal house chieftains called Vel or Velir. According to old Hindu, Tamil texts, the Velirs were warriors from the Yadu Kshatriya clan (Chandravanshi lineage); they came to south from the city of Dvārakā in north India under the leadership of the Vedic sage Agastya. As such Vellala comes under Agastya Gotra.

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